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Behaviour support needs to consider wider emotional and social issues that surround the child/young person/family.  Many behaviour problems become habitual patterns of reacting to situations. The earlier the intervention the greater the opportunity for success. 

Courses delivered in school, or on-line 

1 hour webinar with Q & A  £125

4 hour on-line interactive course (2 x 2 hour sessions on two seperate days) £450


Courses are tailored to staff needs  

Generic course outlines include

Support for School Staff Wellbeing and Mental Health

Autism and its Impact in School

Managing Pupil Stress and Anxiety

Mental Health Awareness in schools

Attachment Issues in School

Raising Awareness and Support for Pupils at Risk of Self-harm/Suicide 

Managing Eating Disorders in School

Getting to Grips with Girl Bullying 

Exploring Resilience and Increasing Healthy Coping Strategies

Strategies for School Staff - Managing Pupils' Addictive Behaviours 



Dr Sam Littlemore Ph.D., B.Sc., C.Psych., Dip. CBT., AFBPS., FRSA.

Sam is a Child Psychologist, Chartered Psychologist, academic and practitioner. Throughout the last 20 years she has worked with over 4,000 schools. In 2008, Sam was nominated and elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts for her work with children. 

Her focus is on improving the well-being of young people and the whole-school environment through raising awareness, and increasing strategies, for issues of welfare, safeguarding, mental health and addressing reasonable adjustments and provision.  Policy and practice advice are embedded in all courses.  

Sam currently works with families and schools helping to develop bespoke support for psychological well-being and behaviour management. She is a leading specialist in understanding and managing school bullying and has been an anti-bullying advisor for over 3,500 schools. 

Sam has run two child-centred research companies working with leading children's charities and DfE initiatives.  She has worked in court with vulnerable defendants, assessment and diagnosis for ASD/C and is also an author of academic papers and the book now in many schools, ‘Girl Bullying – Do I Look Bothered!’

Girl Bullying: Do I Look Bothered 

by Sam Littlemore

Please email a brief outline of the topic/s that your are interested in

2 generic courses booking directly NOW include advice for COVID 19  -

Creating Healthy Home/School Relationships 

The Emotional & Mental Impact of COVID-19