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We opened our doors in February 2019 and have already established a loyal customer base alongside the many visitors to Eccleshall who call in. 

The bookshop has been a dream for many years.  Books play a large part in my family's life.  My brother and I were lucky enough to have been bought up in a house brimming with books; both of my parents love to read. Haphazard bookshelves full of all genres and titles were part of our furniture. That's where my love of reading and writing began. When I became a mum myself, I spent many hours reading to my daughters, Ellie and Jade. More recently, I treasure every minute that I spend reading books with my grandchildren.   One of whom is now the author of our children's book chat, 'Evie's blog'.  A fourth layer of our generational backbone for The Words Worth, is Evie's Great Grandpa, author of The Cyprus Rock, a memorial to the servicemen killed during the Cyprus Emergency.

We look forward to meeting you soon.




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The Oxford book of Children’s Verse was a Christmas present from my parents when I was 9 years old. The most dog-eared page contained a poem which always made me cry, and still does; ‘Lucy Gray or Solitude’. This book began my love of poetry and in particular William Wordworth’s work. I was 11 when my parents gave me Jane Eyre, this book led to a lifelong passion for the Bronté’s words; and some wonderful weekends in Howarth. To Kill A Mocking Bird was a gift to myself when I was 18, I have read it perhaps twice each decade throughout my adult life, each time it brings a new layer of meaning as the years pass by and add different shades and tones to the text. As a Psychologist, time and again I have thought of the amazing psychological insight that Harper Lee created in Atticus Finch. Finally,  A Beautiful Mind by Sylvia Nasar captures the inspirational story of John and Alicia Nash; that reaches far beyond the silver screen version! I find the psychology, both within and behind the recorded events and experiences, beautifully written. Sadly, both John and Alicia were killed in a car accident in 2015, at that time I was writing Girl bullying – Do I Look Bothered, out of respect I added a small reference to the great work of John Nash within the book's text; but still have no understanding of non-cooperative game theory! 


As a little girl my favourite book was Winnie the Pooh A Complete Collection of Stories and Poems, that my Grandma bought for my sister and I, and my mum read to us at bedtime. I now read those stories to my own children.


My passion is creative art. I studied Bridal design throughout my degree and desinged bridal gowns sold in a collection. Throughout my studies my favourite of these was Vera Wang on Weddings, the photography and text were inspiring. On recently returning to studying, I am now focusing on Art and Design with a specialist subject area in children’s book illustrations.


Finally, I have been pretty absorbed in the Twilight series of books by Stephanie Meyer; they are a colourful read for the imagination!


The bridal business has played a large part in my working life, as has organising events.  I am looking forward to supporting book events at The Words Worth, which will include book signings and readings.



When I was young I had a lot of favourite books: The Chronicle's of Narnia (I had a super cool hardback copy), The Worst Witch (which my duaghter now reads) and Harry Potter (there were a lot more but if I list them all, we would need another webpage).

I was seven or eight when I first read Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone. I read it super fast and by then Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret's had been released so I read that pretty fast too. In fact I read them all pretty fast and then I peridoically re-read them for extra effect.


Now, I have far too many favourite books to pick just one and you know what? That's absolutely fine because who wants one favourite when you can have an entire bookshop of them!


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