Training courses in school or via Skype 

Training courses for primary and secondary schools in understanding, managing & increasing confidence in dealing with:

  • Attachment Issues
  • Self-harm and Suicide
  • Autism
  • Girl Bullying & its Impact
  • Encouraging Resilience 
  • Eating Disorders 
  • Mental Health Issues in Children & Young People
  • Behaviour issues


Appointments:Skype options during Corona Virus

While face-to-face is the most effective way to work with behavioural issues with young children,  there are also skype for appointments for parents and young people.  

£25 up to 30 mins 

£50 up to 60 mins 

These do of course mean geographical limitations of face-to-face sessions are not relevant. Initial email contact is necessary in order to set up the skype appointments - details can be seen on the appointments page

I am being called out to speak to children who are anxious about Corona virus.

Here are a few hints about how to help them:

  1. Allow them to ask questions: It is natural that children will have worries. Give them the space to speak and yourself the confidence to answer. Imagine what a children's story book might say about this, and word your answers as if you were writing a page in a children's book.
  2. Draw out some of their answers and worries, use colours and make a clear picture.
  3. It is ok to not know the answer, just be honest about that.
  4. Be clear when you do answer, if you know AND if you don't.
  5. Children model adults’ anxieties so try to be positive around them.
  6. Keep the household positive, with music, games and as much normality as possible; this helps children to feel secure.  The more you change how you act and react, the more they will change how they act and react.
  7. Avoid watching or listening to the news when they are in the room or close by, they will notice your reaction.
  8. Let them feel some sense of control e.g. they can take control of hygiene.
  9. So, chat safely, play normally and sing through handwashing to help them feel a sense of familiarity, control and security.





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